Sonning Conservation Area Assessment


If you missed the exhibition in February you can still see the slideshow and download the Draft Appraisal here:

Conservation Area Appraisal - Slideshow

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The historic core of the village of Sonning was designated a Conservation Area by Berkshire County Council in 1971. A Sonning Conservation Area Study was undertaken in 1996, which Identified opportunities for enhancement and improvement within the conservation Area. While an informative and useful character study, the document lacked a management plan to address it's list of aspirations, thus making it less effective as a tool for planning control. 

The Sonning Design Statement (2004) more sucessfully became a constructive tool for dealing with planning applications in the civil parish as a whole.  Since the publication of the design statement, extensive and rapid changes to planning legislation have been implemented nationally, making it both timely and appropriate to re-evaluate our Conservation Area.  It is intended that the resulting document should be accepted by Wokigham Borough Concil as supplementary planning guidance.  We are pleased that the Borough has been very supportive of the combined eforts of the Parish Concil and the Sonning & Sonning Eye Society in taking this assessment forward.

The assessment is being co-ordinated by Sonning Parish Council (Pat Doyle) and the Sonning & Sonning Eye Society (Mike Hart) with support from Diana Coulter and Brian O'Callaghan.


Over the spring and summer of 2012, teams of surveyors examined the Conservation Area, which was divided into five zones:

  1. From the Bridge north east along the River onto the University Farm, and Charvil Lane to the mini-roundabout
  2. Sonning Lane & Pearson Road
  3. Pound Lane
  4. Thames Street
  5. From the Bridge south west along the Thames Path to the edge of Blue Coat School land; the churchyard and the High Street
Aerial Shot of Sonning Bridge and St. Andrews Church

Their findings were then compiled and example photographs taken. Ultimately the five zones were divided into nine character areas to provide a coherent Assessment:

  1. River
  2. Churchyard
  3. Thames Street
  4. High Street
  5. pearson Road
  6. Sonning Lane
  7. Pound Lane
  8. Charvil Lane
  9. Green Boundary


The surveyors' findings have been pulled into the core of a document for public consultation by Louise Ryan, a recent graduate from the University of Reading.  A copy of this draft document can be downloaded HERE .  In addition, paper copies of the document will be available during the public consultation sessions this weekend.

PUBLIC CONSULTATION - the exhibition is now closed

    This is an opportunity for you to come and have your say.  There will be a series of displays highlighting the key observations within each of the five zones assessed.  It is hoped that surveyors from each of the zones will be available for chats during the sessions.

    A short audiovisual display will run on a continuous loop and Brian O'Callaghan from the Sonning & Sonning Eye Society will be giving a talk at 12.30


Your Feedback is important and valued.  Please take the time to complete a 'feedback form' telling us what you think about the assessment.  You can complete the feedback form online HERE or download and complete a Word document HERE

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