St. Andrew's Church

In the Churchyard/near the Thames:

Wall to former Bishop’s Palace Ice House

High Street (East side, from Pearson Road):

Bow Cottage (P)

St. Annes's Cottage


White Lodge

White House (P)

Brook House (P)

Deanery Cottage 1 (P)

Deanery Cottage 2


High Street (West side, from Pearson Road):

The Old Exchange


Country Cottage (P)

The Malt House (P), with Maltings,
incorporating The (former) Thrift Shop

The Bull (Grade II*)


Wall to Deanery

Pearson Road (North side, from Pound Lane):

Telephone Kiosk outside Pearson Hall

Robert Palmer Cottages (P)

Sonning House (P)
- incorporating Hammering House (P)

The Dower House (P)

Grove Cottage (P)

Green House (P)

Green Cottage

Rosemary Cottage
- incorporating Sunnyside (P)

Ivy Cottage (P)

Wistaria (P)

Turpins with Rich’s Cottage

Pearson Road (South side, from Pound Lane):

Forge Cottage

The Old Cottage (P)


York Cottage and Sarum Cottage (P)

The Grove (P)

Lilac Cottage (P)

Roxburgh (P)
- with Laundry Cottage (P)

Thames Street (North side, from Sonning Bridge):

Sonning Bridge (Berkshire End)

The Red House (P)

Restaurant and Annex to The Great House

Pilgrims (P)

Old School House (off road) (P)

Thames Street (South side, from Sonning Bridge):

Little Deanery

Deanery (Grade I - Lutyens) (P)


Charvil Lane (South side, from Twyford):

Littlecourt Farm(P)

Spring Cottages 1 & 2 (P)

Spring Cottages 3 & 4 (P)

Sonning Lane (West side, from Reading):

Barns at Holme Park Farm

Wall south of North Lodge

North Lodge (Woodyer) (P)

Gate and Piers at North Lodge (Woodyer)

Also listed:

Milestone on Bath Road (North) near Sonning Lane

Milestone on Old Bath Road (North) near Bath Road, Charvil

Sonning Bridge (viewed from Berkshire side)


Walking away from Sonning Bridge:

The Mill House (P)

The Mill Theatre

Citra Barn

Oak Barn

French Barn

Frizers Farm House

Mill Farm House

Long Gardens

The Homestead

Homestead Farm Barn

The Eyot House (front)

The Eyot House (rear)

Centuries (P)

Listed Buildings in Sonning and Sonning Eye

A DRAFT list (shown on the left) has been compiled by members of the Society to enable residents and visitors to identify important buildings in the two villages. There are key works here by Arts & Crafts architects, Sir Edwin Lutyens (Deanery Garden, 1901) and Halsey Ricardo (The Eyot House, 1905), as well as several restorations or new buildings by Victorian architect, Henry Woodyer. In addition to the restored mediaeval church, the villages also have some fine buildings dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Note: This list is a working draft as at October 2004, so please treat with caution.

What is a listed building?

Listed building are those recommended by English Heritage for inclusion on statutory lists compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. Listing ensures that the architectural and historic interest of the building is carefully considered before any alterations, either outside or inside, are agreed.

What do the Grades mean?

Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest
Grade II* are particularly important buildings of more than special interest
Grade II are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them

All the buildings on this list are Grade II unless otherwise indicated. Wherever possible current building names are used. (P) indicates a restoration or alteration by Sidney Paddick, a 20th-century builder who lived in Sonning for over 60 years. Paddick and his firm were responsible for much of the newer developments in Pound Lane, and on the south side of the Bath Road. The information is taken from Paddick’s privately published, Memoirs of a Nonagenarian, (1981).

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  • Listed buildings with photographs are shown in bold and have thumbnails: to view them click on the thumbnails
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